Possibilities I offer

Shop Your Closet: This is a fun and rewarding experience. First we go through what you currently have in your closet. Rid yourself of clutter items that are either out of style or possibly do not fit. Make decisions whether it is worth altering or time to replace. Mix and match so you have more options in your own closet. I help you figure out what items you may want to add to update your wardrobe for the coming season. This can save you money and time. Tips to organize your closet to save you time and money. We will also figure your body type an what works best for you. So when you go shopping you will know what to shop for and simply that experience too.

How does it get better than this?

$75 an hour which is a great value… (I wanted to make this affordable for those that would like help and support, also wanting to have people know that I do this so you are helping me too when you spread the word before I get so popular and have to raise my rates.  I offer even more during this visit and you thank yourself for the experience.

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