Finding Your Personal Style…

Finding your own personal style can be a process. I am sure you all have our own missteps and success stories. While it is important to try different trends and experiment with new outfit combinations, without getting to crazy. Here are some great quotes from top designers that I found on  This is a great site with lots of great information.

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“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress on their days off that is intriguing”

Alexander Wang

“Style is personality. It is the ability to look beyond fashion and the self-confidence to transform even the simplest thing into something special”

Domenico dolce & Stefano Gabbana

“Personal style comes from within. It’s when the women her individuality and spirit, comes through. She uses clothes to express who she is and how she feels.

Donna Karan

“Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good”

Diane Von Furstenberg

“Personal Style is about projecting ease and confidence and knowing it is all about the proportions”

Francisco Costa – Creative Director, Calvin Klein collection

“Personal style starts from within because it’s a philosophy and an attitude. If you are honest and true to yourself, you will have the best sense of personal style”

Stella McCartney

“Personal style is about taking classic pieces and reinterpreting them to make them your own”

Frida Giannini

“Personal is what drives you to be an individual, whether it be clothing, art, music, jewelry, opinion, et cetera. It is being who you are and being proud of where you are from”

Jean Paul Gaultier

“Less is always more with personal style. Just know yourself, know what works for you and be naturally confident in expressing that”

Stella McCartney

“Personal style is about taking risk, trying something unexpected, and having fun with fashion, but always being true to yourself”

Ralph Lauren

“It is about knowing when to say yes and when to say no”

Michael Kors

“I always say I don’t like it when people follow the trends too much, just because it is on the runway. I think what you wear really does need to reflect what your own person style is.

Rachel Zoe

“Personal style is knowing yourself, your lifestyle, your body and finding clothes that become the frame. You become the star”

Michael Kors

“Personal style is having the confidence to be who you are, not necessarily flamboyant or eccentric. It can be as simple as turning up a cuff or the contradiction of a weathered motorcycle jacket slung over an elegant evening dress”

Ralph Lauren

“Taking sartorial risks and not following other people is what makes you stand out”

Zac Posen