Hello Gorgeous – What to wear to work this summer…

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are having a great week so far.  Well our weather has been on again off again so far this summer.  What to wear this summer whether you are going to the office or meeting with clients is important.  Whether we like it or not we are juged in the first few seconds of meeting.  We all do it, do the scan. Make you are putting out the right message.  If you want to be taken seriously regardless of what you do.  I found this article below from Forbes and it has great advice.

I would love to hear from you.  What are your do’s and don’ts on the professional scene?


A woman’s wardrobe is an essential component of her presentation. It is as important as her handshake, her eye contact and her attitude.

While you should steer clear of flip flops, shorts, tank tops and scented sunscreens, stylist Stafford says there are some more sophisticated ways to add a beachy feel to your work look. Brighter colors and lighter fabrics, like linen and cotton, bring both men and women comfortably into the season. Footwear also makes a statement. She says in most fields open-toed shoes are acceptable, as long as your feet are clean and manicured, and this season chunky heels and wedges are huge. A bold, vibrant nail polish and lipstick also add personality and style.

Grin And… Bare It?

Long, sticky days and blistering commutes may drive anyone to peel off the layers, but how much skin you bare does make a difference. Stafford says sleeveless tops are appropriate in the office—“if you have the figure to pull it off.” For most women under age 40, she says few people would blink. However, for those who are older or heavier, she recommends paying particular attention to your body type and what works on you. Those with tattoos should be mindful of the message they send, as anything vulgar should stay out of sight. If you do dare to bare, it’s smart to keep a sweater or jacket on hand for client meetings or blasting air conditioning.  (forbes june 2012)

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