Hello Gorgeous – What NOT to wear Networking!

Hello Gorgeous,

This may seem obvious, if not girlfriend I am here to help.  You have to remember why you are there. You want to make a great first impression. You are looking for clients of strategic partners.

According to researchers from NYU, we make 11 major decisions about each another  in the first seven seconds of meeting. Studies have also shown that non-verbal  cues (how we look) can weigh heavier than verbal ones (what we say).

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/inc-well/What-Not-to-Wear-at-Networking-Events-Ladies-Edition-180789731.html#ixzz2L7w3XGg5

So here is the list of Don’ts to keep in mind for networking or business in general:

Hooker Heels: You know the ones I mean the 6 inch ones.  If you can walk in them great but not for business.

To Much Cleavage: You will get attention, but is it the kind you want?

To Much Makeup: If you are unclear about this ask a friend that you trust and will tell  you the truth.  For a clue on this one metallic and super long false eye lashes can look really dated and very Cruella de Vil.  Look at stars like Jennifer Aniston or Julia Roberts they keep it simple and look amazing doing it.  Show your stuff from within. Ladies if you have a friend that could use some help, be a good friend and find a tactful way to show her the way.

Ill Fitting Clothing: This can be a hard one but skirts to short and jackets to big or to tight and that is what people will notice. Take a second look in the mirror before you leave and check the back too.

To Much Cologne: You do not need to drown yourself with cologne. Sometimes it is hard to smell scents on yourself, especially if you have worn the same scent for a while. Spray lightly and remember some people have allergies and get headaches from to much cologne and will avoid you like the plague.

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