Hello Gorgeous – What if the Colors for this season are not for me?

Hello Gorgeous,

Are you curious how to pull off the trends if you do not feel the current colors are for you.  First do not be a slave to fashion  

(seriously I found this picture from fashion week) One of those colors that is not for everyone is Tangerine.  However, you can still pull it off.  I personally love the navy with the tangerine.  So for instance if you can wear navy (which most can) then choose a fund sandal with tangerine in it or a handbag.  If you have a handbag you love then find a scarf that has tangerine in it and tie it to your handbag.  This way you are not making a full on commitment to tangerine and it is a small in vestment.  This is a great way to incorporate fund colors into an existing wardrobe. Take a look at sites like Aldo, Zappos and Nine West for ideas on color. Here are some examples below.


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  1. I hear you on the trend issue. Some years it seems hard to find clothing in colors that flatter me. Using color as an accent sounds like a fun and creative idea.


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