Hello Gorgeous – What do you do when you have a bad haircut?

I will not bore you with the details of my experience but it was a pretty traumatic experience with relationship to my hair. I thought it was a good question since who we are in the world and how we project ourselves is important and the first thing people see is our outer appearance and our hair is very much part of that and if we do not feel comfortable with who we are projecting it can effect how we interact with the world and ourselves.

So do you tell the stylist you are not happy?  Do you spend money on another stylist and buy products to make it better to the tune of over $200?  Or do you keep quiet and continue to see that person without saying a word and continue to pay them, hoping for the best?  I just read an article about how to break up with your stylist.  It happens all the time and someone you pay money to make you look good should be doing just that, right. Not have you in tears.  You would not continue to go back to the same restaurant if the food was bad, would you?

While I was looking for products I did find a couple I wanted to share.  Pravana Nevo Model Behavior and their shampoo is pretty good too (you can find this line at Ulta).  Also Kevin Murphy Young Again Immortelle infused oil, & Undressed Fiber Paste are great (in Santa Cruz County Salon Santa Cruz, Click Click Bang, Kepare. The jury still out on Killer Curls for me anyway, but if you have curly hair this stuff looks amazing. You can catch the how to video on their site.

I would love to hear your feedback and Stylist you love and recommend to others.  You know if you are looking for a new stylist you can go interview and see where you get the best vibe. Most give you an opportunity for a 15 minute consult.  The best stylist I ever had was Lisa at Trio in Burlingame, but the owner died and the salon closed and have no idea where she is but if you know send me a message.  Who is yours?

Look forward to hearing back,

Have a Sterling Day,

Candace – Blingologist

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