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I have not posted in a while and have been told to get my b_ _ _ in gear.  I have a lot to say and so much is happening for Spring.  However, do not want to overwhelm and I know that if it is to much I lose interest and play somewhere else.  I love fashion and everyone has their own style which is very cool.  I think that fashion should be fun and expressive but not over the top so you look like a clown.  Some people come by it naturally and for some this is a little harder.  For the record I do not believe that size of weight is the issue when it comes to fashion.  You have to feel comfortable in your own skin and love who you are even with the excess pounds.  Something I struggle with but working on.  However, I do take the leap with fashion.  I love to not play it to safe.  I do think that we should not be a slave to fashion but adding a couple of trending pieces and mix and match will change up your style if you have managed to have some timeless pieces as your staple.

The first thing I see this season is flirty feminine style.  A lot of color blocking.  The definition of color blocking: Color-blocking is when a garment or outfit is composed of finite blocks of color. Here is an example according to Glamor Magazine.

Option A: Monochromatic = one color throughout entire outfit in different hues.

Option B: Separates = mix garments of contrasting (2-4) colors.

Option C: Stand-Alone = one color-blocked garment or accessory where the designer has already done all the work for you.

The other big news for Spring is rich bold colors.  Oranges and Tangerines, Pinks both pastels and rich bold pinks. Bold prints and animal prints still in for Spring.  Do animal prints ever go away, I hope not.  And the absence of color White. Winter white was hot for Fall and now White is still everywhere.  I love a great scarf.  The scarf that let’s you take the world by storm.

That is it for today, I have so much more and am working on a PDF resource where you can easily look up all this great information.  I am also happy to work with you one to one.  I work with 2 lines that I really like, however we can work outside of that to put together your personal style.

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