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 Hello Gorgeous,

I am not sure you are aware of Ellen Whitehurst, she is an Better Life Expert and Shui-astrolger.  I love to have any information that will help me in the month to be bolder or hide under the covers.  She has a Fashionista Corner on her monthly news letter and everything I have been saying is right here.  I love it when the planets are in sync.  So read on and enjoy.  This does say for job hunting but it applies to everyday wardrobing.


                      *Okay all you recent college grads now about to go looking for your first big job in the big, wide world, this one’s for you. And for anyone else out there pounding the pavement in search for some payment for your passion. I’ll start by reminding that it only takes TWO SECONDS for someone to form a first impression of you, and, yeah, although first impressions ideally shouldn’t be based on our looks alone, well, unfortunately that’s not the reality. We are living (and hopefully soon working) in a competitive work so any advantage you can bring to the party, all the better. Enter Feng Shui!

Here are some tips that will allow you to get a leg up while also getting that all important proverbial shoe through the door:

Before heading out the door do be sure to organize your entire closet. Remove any clothing that needs addressing or mending as well as clothes that no longer fit you and/or things you haven’t worn in a long while. Give them away and create great karma for everyone.

• Go through all the clothes that you’re keeping and do an inventory. Take note of what you now need to complete five good interview outfits. Do you have more tops than bottoms? More ties than belts? More shoes than skirts? You get the idea, now, get moving on what you need.

• Take an inventory as well of what accessories you need to complete the five ideal outfits. Less is more when interviewing though as you don’t want your potential employer distracted by the chandelier dangling earrings or the giant swag watch.

• Rejuvenate your wardrobe with a few key pieces that will work interchangeably with clothes that you already have.

Now, since we are in the month of June and entering another summer, Feng Shui says that the element that will get you the most recognition and reward is the FIRE element. Therefore, wear reds, oranges, hot pinks and watermelon/corals or geranium as well. Hot pinks and oranges are trending this summer season as is color blocking so don’t be afraid to be a bit creative but don’t go overboard either. Well, at least not until you’re collecting your first paycheck. Reds get you remembered. Remember that. And good luck graduate, the world is your oyster. Now go share your pearls of recently acquired wisdom!


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