Hello Gorgeous – Old is New Again

I am sure you have noticed but they recycle styles and just something to make a little edgier or toned down.  Have you ever thought of adding lace or a sheer fabric on a top or jacket to update it?  Some of the styles have the elastic at the waist or hips (I do not need anything else at my waist or hips). I took it to the  cleaners who is going to take the elastic out and put a hem in it for me and it will be flowing and not clinging.  This is an easy fix for $10. i love the tYou have to think outside of the box and mix it up. If you cut up something that is old and your never wear what is the worst that can happen?  You throw it away…  There are no rules when it comes to mixing.  It can actually make you look very hip instead of dated.  Make sure you look in the mirror front and back and if you are still not sure take a picture.  This may also give you some insite to your style and the beliefs you have about style and fashion.  It can hold you back from being the fun flirty women you are.

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