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Okay we need the rain but I am ready for Spring already.  I know it is Spring but I mean warmer please, so we can wear all the great new styles and colors. I have some orange and navy waiting to go steady. Sandals and feminine dresses come on sun.  One thing I have really noticed is there is so much more feminine styling this season. Flattering and for so many different body shapes.  It is going to be a fun season. 

Have you been watching Fashion Star?  I am loving it.  It is fun to see new designers being creative and bringing their interpretation to the stage.  How cool to be rewarded right then and there for the out of the box styling,how cool for them. . .

Shoes, OMG are they cute with all the color and style. I personally cannot wear the high 6 inch shoes or sandals but they are sexy and fun.  If you can wear them do it.  A word of caution do not wear them all day everyday, you will mess up your feet and you have to walk on them,  and you will need them for a very long time. Be careful with all the color in the shoes to not over do it with the rest of your wardrobe and end up looking like a clown. If you love animal prints do wear them but try one item at a time.  To many animal prints can spoil the look. 

I love bling and wear a lot of it.  It just who I am, but I try to make it a story of color and style.  What I mean by that is mix it up and do not do matchy matchy. If you are not used to a lot of bling that is ok try a little and trust me it can make the outfit.  Something simple looks styling with some bling like you did it on purpose, which of course you did, right?

Until next time you fashion diva’s.

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