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Hello again Gorgeous ones,

I have been on a mission this past week to redo my closet, actually all of them in the house. I have a small house and the more organized you are the easier it is to deal with. With a small home it can get out of control easy and them overwhelming then we get blocked and less work get done and procrastination. It can get ugly. I have to tell you though the more space you have the more you collect. I usually redo my closet a couple of times a year and wanted to make some changes this time so I could help others conquer theirs.

First I took a rack and pulled everything out of the closet and organized by style (if you do not have a rack us the bed and do in sections). So all blouses together, skirts, pants, etc. you get the picture. Then buy style so short sleeved, sleeveless etc then by color. I did this to make it easy for me to find what I wanted easily and it has been supper great to look for what I want. I do not know about you but I can waste a lot of time looking for one item in the morning especially if I am having one of those I hate everything I put on mornings. Here is the key to keeping it like that longer. When you get dressed leave the hanger in the closet in the space where you removed it. If you are going to launder it or if you are re-hanging it will go back where it started. I had a bad habit of hanging on a hook and getting to it later and it did not go well. It only takes a minute to put it back where it supposed to go whether from the laundry to a closet or drawer. The other huge benefit is you can shop your closet easier to see what you want to add for the season or what needs to go to Goodwill or Career Closet. Be honest, if you have not worn or it does not fit or is a style that will never come back,it must go.

Tools I found helpful especially in small spaces. I bought the felt covered hangers (the slim line type) I found them for 50 of them for $29.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Plus if you have a 20% coupon (BTW they never expire, do not throw them out no matter what the date) you get them for approximately $24. Not bad for 50 hangers. They may not be good for heavy items but to not have things falling off hangers to the floor and staying in place not to mention saving room in your closet. I heard that Costco also carry’s them but not sure how much they are but check them out. Also get the metal type for hanging multiple pants or skirt the felt cover ones cannot handle the weight. I found out the hard way. For shoes get see through containers so you can find them easily and stack them above or below for more room. For items you store above get boxes of plastic containers and roll them so they will be easy to find and keep their shape. Okay that is it for now and a lot to do. However when you are done it will feel good and organized and your mind will be clear for things like a glass of wine and relax with a book or massage or whatever you like to do with you valuable time.

Want help to shop your closet or reorganize give me a RING.


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