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Spring is so cool, with new colors, new fun styles.  This year is unusal for spring. There are lots of great bold bright colors.  I did not want to bore  or overwhelm you with to much information.  I personally really like the colors and blocking. I have seen lots of tangerine already on the scene.  White is a big statement as I stated before but not just a piece but head to toe white.  Now I am not sure on that one but if you do it pop it with some colorful BLING.  Turgouise, or coral are good choices.  I would not do pearls unless they are a color that pops like green.

Check yourself out in a full-length mirror or snap a quick photo, whichever method helps you get a good birds-eye view of your color-blocked outfit in its entirety. And remember, when finalizing the finishing touches of your outfit choose the simple route! Meaning do not over do it.  If you feel you may have to much on take one item off and that should do the job.

4. Make Flattering Choices

The color-blocking technique is making a true style statement, so it is imperative to select pieces (and color schemes) that are flattering to you.

Color-blocked stripes and other architectural color-blocked patterns are very popular. The key is to pay attention to each stripes/shapes placement on your body (ie. if you don’t want to make your bust line or hips to appear voluminous, then don’t put a wide pattern, especially in a bold color, directly over them).

If you work in a creative field or casual office then, sure, it’s much easier to experiment with various color combos and/or architectural color-blocked patterns. Or maybe you just haven’t been able to find satisfying results for color-blocked weekend wear. Whatever the reason may be, don’t give up, there is a solution…try color-blocked accessories. Color-blocked (aka. bi-tonal or multi-tonal) handbags, shoes, scarves, jewelry and other accessories are a huge hit in the marketplace. No need to admire from afar, now there’s no reason not to participate in the color-blocking trend! (corporate fashionista).

I plan to make this on a more frequent basis so you can get your tips sooner and be ready for spring.  If you want more help or suggestions give me a RING 650-465-2456

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