Hello Gorgeous – Accessorize Anyone

I don’t know about you but I think that accessorizing can make or break an wardrobe/outfit.  You can go from drab to fab.  If you go to work with a tank and a sweater (skirt or pants of course) with flats and are going out that evening and add heels or boots and a cute jacket, some bling and a handbag with personality, or a scarf to pop that outfit you are ready for a night with the girls.

The thing about fashion is it is personal and all different depending on your style.  I love to layer but that is not for everyone.  I get compliments all the time, some of them have no bling on at all but would love to know how to add some to say hear I am.  You can say that quietly and understated or boldly and dramatic.  I am the latter.  It has to be you and that you feel beautiful and special.  You know when you have something you love on.  You even walk differently.  Taller and more confident.

So ladies look at your wardrobe and shop your closet, what do you need to bring to this season, need some help, give me a RING. Scarves are hot right now and there are so many great colors and prints to pop any outfit. Take a walk on the wild side, I will see you there…

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