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I cannot believe it is 2013.  I am happy about it and that we are all still here.  It really never felt like the holidays and 2013 although I am optimistic for this lucky year, I have been very reflective. How about you?  I will speak for me and I  am  so tired of the past few years and the uncertainty of digging out of our own personal issues or where the country is going?  Speaking of where the country is going, the infighting seems to have followed into this year.  I for one am tired of mom and dad fighting and ‘we the people’ in the middle.  I seem to remember that we vote people in and they work for us? Not the other way around?  When did all this change and we get stuck in the middle of this crap, yes I said it crap…

What does all this have to do with Fashion? Not a darn thing! Just needed to get this off my chest and love to hear your comments as well.

Okay moving on to where Fashion is going in 2013.  First color, color, color.  I love it bright and fun Bling it on… is what I always say. The colors for spring are rich and bold and soft and femine.  Which means that whoever you are and whatever your style your covered for style and fashion for 2013.  Instead of inventing the wheel here are what the fashion sites are saying about this spring.

*Color awakens the senses, bringing us new ideas, new directions and ultimately new destinations. With expectancy, color inspires us to build a solid foundation and to finish with a wisp of creativity. For the Spring/Summer 2013 season, we have gathered new directions in color, and with Inspirations, we offer these ideas to you.

More saturated, more defined hues are reflected in Sunflowers and Everyday Art. Bold, yet comfortable, these colors rely on the primary colors of blue, red and yellow.

Sweet Little Things and Dreaming bring us an innocence and subtle refinement that leave us breathless in our pursuit of tranquility. Not meant to shock or to push us to new levels, these colors give us peaceful rest with just a hint of playfulness.

In Cool Vibrations, cobalt and turquoise compliment golden yellows and warm neutrals to create a feel of dreamy solitude. The urge to throw off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the sand is almost too much to bear. Feeling refreshed, we move into City Pulse where the colors exude energy and vitality bringing us alive with possibilities. Modern, yet not overdone, we are inspired by directions that often take root in the heart of the city.

Driven to change, driven to abandon the ordinary for something timeless, we find Retro Rebellion. A palette of almost universal, all-season appeal with earthy tones and denim blues. Sophisticated colors to take us back and move us forward.


  • Colors      appearing on the CSI Inspirations are in stock so that Color      Standards and Design      Tools can be created immediately.
  • Spectral      data for design software is available for the inspiration colors

You can find more at: www.colorsolutionsinternational.com/Spring—Summer-2013.cfm

Okay that is it for now, rock on with your Gorgeous self. Find your style and or let it find you.  Be fearless and speak your truth. Your truth is all  you truly have and it is all you baby… Bling it on…

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