Happy Holiday to All..

This is such a magical time of year and sometimes stressful.  Just for today, give yourself a break.  Don’t judge yourself or others.  Look at life with great hope and gratitude. I truly believe that if we all did this no matter what our current situation is we make a difference and shift in the world. Make today about peace and love.  Love conquers all.  I truly believe that to be true.  Love of yourself first and foremost.  Without self love it is hard to love anything else.  Forgiveness to yourself and others that you think have done you wrong. View the lesson in all that happens good or bad.  When something really good happens open to it and let the gratitude shine. When something we view as not so good happens open to it and view the lesson in this moment, thank it for the lesson, then let it go… I know easy for me to say.  Trust me I have had great experience with the not so good and the good as well. This time of year we can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and do not take the step back to just BE.  We can get stressed, depressed and sometimes even lonely with thousands of people around us.  Maybe no one to tell your secrets to so we hold them in or pretend they don’t exist only to have them rear their ugly heads at the most inappropriate time.  I know it is hard to just stop and just be, but what if we did and we felt BETTER.  We connected to our higher self that knows us better than anyone ever could and a sense of release and suddenly everything is clear again.  We start to get more done and we actually smile without grinding our teeth. What if it was that simple 5 minutes of quiet, peace and a clear mind? The only way you can know is to do. I saw a man on TV the other evening that was born with no legs.  He is now a motivational coach and does and ad with Nike for “NO EXCUSES” Just do it! I was so touched by his courage to make a life that most of us with no legs would not have begun to know where to start. I wanted to pass this on for others to think about where they are right now in life, and how they can change one small thing that will cause a ripple effect that will change their life forever. To something greater than they could have ever imagined their life could ever be. Although everything in this moment is not perfect, it is a moment that we are alive and well and we can make changes that will affect everything going forward.  I hope you will do the same for yourself or someone you love. I am wishing you the Happiest of Holidays and lets  kick the poop out of 2011. With great love and gratitude…

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