About Candace

Candace Harding is a Certified Color & Wardrobe Stylist. Candace worked with Silpada Designs for 8 years until its closing 7/2016. Candace has loved fashion and putting things together since she was a young girl.  It has been her passion to work with women to support them in their style and what makes them feel special. She had helped friends in the past and decided to get certified and learn more so she could help more women.

Candace feels that no matter what your shape you can always look and feel beautiful and to love yourself no matter what is the key.  Have you ever seen a women walk into a room with such confidence and grace she turned heads and she was not the stunning beauty you would suspect.  That confidence is what we all need to fill the room with our presence. We allow the past words or a fashion magazine with Twiggy ( I know dated but you get it) in it dictate an unrealistic view of who we are. Candace wants to change that one women at a time.

Who Candace works with are busy women looking for support on what works for them and their style. Sometimes it is really simple and a matter of confirming what you already feel so you feel comfortable with your choices.  It is very freeing to feel good about who you are.   Candace loves to work with women to find what works best for their style.  Maybe even  to step out of your comfort zone and express your inner diva.  Let’s play with fashion and make it your own. We can build your winning style/wardrobe one closet at a time.

You can be Candace  at 650-465-2456 or email: candace.harding@sbcglobal.net
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